Thai Thai Bistro and Sushi

Whether you want to enjoy some sushi or Thai food in a casual and relaxing atmosphere with friends and family or takeout, Thai Thai Bistro and Sushi Restaurant Melbourne, FL is the place to go. We’ll even deliver right to you, making it convenient to get the dishes you love!

Being in Florida, where we are surrounded by water, it’s no surprise that fish is an integral part of the local cuisine, and sushi is one of the most popular ways to enjoy it. Some people even consider the state to be the “Fishing Capital of the World,” but you don’t have to be a fisherman to appreciate a great plate of sushi. From classics like salmon rolls, California rolls, and tuna rolls to creations with a little more complex flavor profile. You can find all your favorites and more here at Thai Thai Bistro and Sushi Restaurant in Melbourne, FL. We even have our very own signature sushi roll, the Thai Thai Bistro Roll. But we’re more than just sushi – Melbourne Thai Restaurant also has a wide selection of traditional Thai and Japanese dishes! This includes a variety of curry, noodles, fried rice, wok, nigiri and sashimi, soups, and so much more.

In addition to the Thai and Japanese dishes on our menu, we’re also committed to using only high-quality ingredients and making everything fresh. After all, when you’re located somewhere surrounded by the ocean with so many opportunities for fishing, it would be a disservice to serve anything but fresh fish. As the cherry on top, we also give you generous portions, too.

So if you are looking for a Thai and sushi Restaurant in Melbourne, FL be sure to browse our menu online and place an order or come visit us today!